Grand Youth Fraternity


Grand Youth Fraternity


Antoinette talyor -color


Sister Antoinette Taylor

Grand Youth Supervisor

Pauline Dupee Chapter No. 55






Sister Sonday Roberts

Grand Assistant Youth Supervisors

Princess Tharah Chapter No. 84




 debra Smedly

Sister Debra Smedley

Grand Youth Secretary

Oriental Chapter No. 19








Sister Sharon Wysinger

Grand Youth Assistant Secretary

Rebecca Chapter #56




Screen Shot 2012-06-06 at 5.56.24 PM 

Sister Pearlie Whitfield

Grand Youth Treasurer

Silver Star No. 89

Grand Youth Princess Matron & Grand Youth Prince Patron


Grand Princess Matron









Grand Prince Patron





Golden State Grand Youth Courts

Golden Gate Youth Court No. 5
Buds of Promise Youth Court No. 10
Golden Sheaves Court No. 11
Guilding Star Youth Court No. 12
Petite Youth Court No. 26
Silver Star Youth Court No. 33
Mary Owens Youth Court No.34

Sunshine Youth Court No. 35

Quinette Youth Court

Euradell Youth Court No. 44
LU Rosheri Youth Court No. 47
LuGenes Youth Court No. 54
High Dessert Youth Court No. 56






Order of the Eastern Stars


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